Top 7 Bike Friendly Cities In Europe

Top 7 Bike Friendly Cities In Europe

While travelling, we always look for the easiest way to commute, which allows us to explore at our own pace while being together with our family, friends, or pet! Taking yourself around on two wheels can give you all the freedom and fun you want. More and more cities across Europe are now realizing the popularity of biking and are quickly becoming biker-friendly. In fact, most of the bicycle-friendly cities of the world are in Europe!

If you are interested in biking around a European city with your loved ones – friends or even dogs, we've got you covered. Read through as we touch on how to make this experience hassle-free and more enjoyable, along with a list of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe. 

Find the Right Bike

As biking has gained popularity among residents and tourists alike, many European cities have seen an increase in the available bike rental options. So before planning a bike tour, look for the most popular and reliable bike rental options available in the city you plan to visit. You can even contact bike rental companies online or have a direct visit to their office.

Researching ahead of your trip will decrease your stress about bike availability and help you know whether you can take your dog with you for a bike ride through the city or not. If you are lucky enough to have your cute canine friend with you, make sure you have a Buddyrider® bicycle dog seat to keep your friend protected and comfortable like yourself.

Safety First – Biking Lanes are Equally Important

Being in a new city can be a daunting experience, and driving through one can be even more so. If you want to use a bicycle but are unsure whether you can navigate through unfamiliar traffic, searching about available biking lanes is always a good choice. These separate lanes will also make it easier to ride bikes with dogs. Your canine companions can rest easily in their dog bicycle seat as you pedal along with fellow bikers.

Many bike-friendly European cities have opted to construct separate bike lanes to make biking a safer and more accessible option for interested individuals. These biking lanes might be spread throughout the city or concentrated in tourist spots. Check out the city map or ask a resident or tour guide about these lanes so you can plan for a hassle-free trip.

Need a Break? Always be on a Lookout for Bicycle Parking Spots

A bike tour can only be fun if you and your companions are not tired and have enough time to see all the city's sites. While it may not always be the case, some bike-friendly cities offer bicycle exclusive parking spots to encourage tourists and residents to adopt biking as a part of their environment-friendly transport plans.

Bicycle exclusive parking spots are comparatively safer as well so looking for perfect parking spaces should be essential for your itinerary. Every time you take a break, make sure you spend a few extra seconds searching for any bike-exclusive parking spots nearby. Also make sure you use a lock to secure your Buddyrider® to your bicycle whenever you leave it unattended or carry it in your backpack to prevent it from being stolen.

Choose Your Bike Friendly European City

Europe is known for being home to most of the bicycle capitals of the world. As per regularly conducted surveys, here are the European cities that are doing their best to make biking fun, safe and accessible:

Amsterdam – Amsterdam's cycling paths and parking facilities are so well maintained and comfortable that everyone can easily travel the city on a bike regardless of their age. The city is not only a paradise for cyclists but is also pet-friendly, so grab a dog bicycle seat from Buddyrider®, mount it to your bike, and you can now take your dog for a bike ride as well.

Copenhagen – Copenhagen has some of the best infrastructure for city-wide bike rides globally. Bike rentals and bike-sharing arrangements are easy to make, and the city's roads are incredibly accommodative for bicycle riders. After all, the definitive index about global bicycle urbanism is named the Copenhagenize Index.

Antwerp – This Belgian city is also an excellent place for bike rides, including one with your dog. The city government also incentivizes locals and tourists to use bicycle riding to explore the surroundings. As a result, the city infrastructure for bike rides is also improving steadily.

Paris – Paris is one of the most pet-friendly cities globally and among Europe's top 10 most bike-friendly cities. So, if you are looking for a great place to go on a bike ride with your fuzzy buddy, Paris is where you want to be. So, pick up that dog bicycle seat and explore what the beautiful city of Paris has to offer.

Utrecht - Utrecht has a long history of promoting bicycle riding, and the city's infrastructure reflects this. You can easily find fast lanes for e-bikes and exclusive parking spaces. Bike riding with dogs is also an option as the city has an ample number of pet-friendly restaurants and public spaces.

Vienna – Much like its French counterpart, Vienna is both dog-friendly and bicycle-friendly. You and your canine friend are bound to have a good time if you decide to tour the city on two wheels. You can also take short daily trips with rent-free cargo bikes that are available across the city.

Barcelona – Barcelona is another European city you should add to your bike-tour bucket list. With wide cycle lanes and well-marked routes, recent years have put Barcelona on the map as a Spanish cycling hub. 

Now that you have a couple of destinations to add to your bucket list, the next step is getting your canine buddy a comfy Buddyrider® dog bicycle basket so they can tag along on your bike rides. So now, you can look forward to making your bike ride even more exciting for both you and your dog. 

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