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We'd love to hear from you - please send your comments, questions and pictures to

Buddy Ventures International Ltd
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Westerdoksdijk 445
1013BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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Interested in becoming a distributor?

We find it is good business to do business with people who see the world
much like we do and who carry and honour similar values.


We're looking for people who:

1) like helping and serving people 

2) value and deliver a high level of customer care 

3) have a bit of a mechanical mind set 

4) use impeccable trading practices 

5) are sufficiently organized and capitalized to order
and pay for inventory 

Does this sound like you? Then we would like to talk to you about you becoming
a Buddyrider distributor. To date our best distributors are service oriented bike stores as they understand some of the bike fitting issues and warm hearted pet stores as they understand some of our pet fitting issues and the emotionality of pets and their owners.


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