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Will My Dog Fit My Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider was originally designed around a 10.5kg (23lb) Parsons Russell Terrier and made with as much flexibility in mind as possible. Obviously some dogs fit better than others and the following information is by no means 100% accurate in every case, but will hopefully make your decision making a little easier when considering size.

Buddyrider pet seat dimensions

Buddyrider Interior Dimensions

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes even in the weight range given. Dogs with really long legs or have heavy set bodies may not fit even if they meet the weight requirement.

Maximum weight is 25lbs or 11.34kg

Buddyrider dog measurement

Will My Dog Fit the Buddyrider?

The Buddyrider collar can be adjusted from 14”–15.5” (35.56cm-39.4cm) in diameter. Please measure your dog’s neck to see if it will fit. French Bulldogs are a good example of a dog that may fit in the weight range but have larger necks and the collar of the harness may not fit.

Size Guide

Buddyrider bicycle pet seat size chart
Buddyrider bicycle pet seat
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